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Bobcats in Charlotte

      Surprising news about one of the Piedmont’s most elusive residents: Bobcat sightings are on the rise, and that’s an encouraging sign of health for our urbanized ecosystem.      Bobcats are stalking through Mecklenburg’s largest nature preserves and most-remote greenways and the number of sightings is growing. “We’ve had 21 sightings of bobcats, and most have […]

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Getting rabbits out of your yard

Backyard & Beyond: Exploring your own patch of Carolinas green. Q. What’s the best way to get rid of the rabbits? Or at least make them less likely to come into my yard? My dog likes to eat their droppings. – Brent, Charlotte A. “I have never found any kind of spray that deters them […]

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Squirrel nests aren’t as squirrelly as they seem

Backyard & Beyond: Exploring your own patch of green in the Carolinas Q: In treetops around town, I can see dozens of big clumps of leaves that I know are squirrel nests. How do squirrels not fall out of such rickety-looking nests? – Curious Reader A: Squirrel either nest in holes in trees or build […]

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